Cascadia Solidaria: Poems and Translations – Original poetry inspired by life and struggle in Guatemala, with rough translations of works by Latin American poets. Dedicated to Guatemalan artist Victor Leiva.  (self-published, Cascadia 2011, 1st edition 50 copies, free)

Diez poemas y once poetas Infrarrealistas – Classic collection by the Mexican Infrarrealismo poetry movement. Small edition printed (approx 25 copies), freely distributed to friends and at Pilot Books in Seattle.  Text from Infrarrealismo, art by Stanislaw Kors. (self-published, Cascadia 2009)

To Walk In Solidarity: International Accompaniment of Human Rights Defenders in Guatemala – Correspondence and reflections on 10 months as a volunteer human rights observer in Guatemala. (self-published, Cascadia/Iximulew 2008)

Indigenous Rights, Resistance, and the Law: Lessons from a Guatemalan Mine – Article by Amanda M. Fulmer, Angelina Snodgrass-Godoy, and Phil Neff (published in Latin American Politics and Society, Vol. 50 No. 4, Winter 2008)

The Salvador Option: U.S. Counterinsurgency Tactics in the Cold War and the War on Terror – Unpublished article written in December 2005 for an undergraduate course on Human Rights in Latin America at the University of Washington, Seattle.

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