May 1st: Resistance is fertile!

Resistance is Fertile - Copy me!

The riots

When the riots come the old Chilean poets
will come out to the street to see what’s going on
When the riots come anguish will rent a room
in a hard-luck hotel and will lie there until it commits suicide
When the riots come the old Chilean bricklayers
will grow wings and be able to play at falling from buildings
and the birds will walk the streets tired
of only building nests
When the riots come the old Chilean singers
will intone boleros in the lost dives of the desert
and they will be phosphorescent as the bird which chased the miners
When the riots come the old Chilean lawyers
will be able to spend all day at the movies—the silvered desert of seats
where commandos light fires to heat food
—those men will talk about anything
When the riots come the old Chilean mutineers will cry
of nostalgia and sorrow for no longer being alive
and the toilets will explode and the plumbing on the black horizon
will be a pure knot soaked with shit
When the riots come the ancient Andean range
will collapse so that the Argentineans can come to Chile
on foot, and the power-brokers will have to go to Switzerland to ski
if they still feel like skiing
When the riots arrive at the old Patrona of Chile
they will attend a brothel, taking advantage of the circumstances
When the riots come the old Chilean military-men
will dance a cuenca along the sea
and all the whales will come up to see such a marvel
and they will open their whale jaws
so that there will be thousands of Jonases
all over the world
When the riots come the old, the oldest Chilean lovers
will say goodbye goodbye for ever
And the eyes of the young will be polychromatic
like a time machine,
they will be moist and beautiful like leaves torn by the wind
When the riots come

– Roberto Bolaño and Bruno Montané

(From Diez poemas y once poetas Infrarrealistastranslation from Cascadia Solidaria: Poems and Translations) 

About cascadiasolidaria

Human rights and solidarity activist from Cascadia, North America, writing about issues of justice and security in Guatemala and Central America from a perspective of solidarity with human rights and social movements.
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