New publication – Cascadia Solidaria: Poems and Translations

I woke this early this morning, feeling strangely moved to create art, to finally finish a poetry zine project that I’ve been working on in bits and pieces over the last few years.  I was excited to be in Cascadia for a few weeks of visiting friends and family, wanted something handmade to share with my community here in the grey North.  Logging on to Facebook, I was immediately contacted by several friends, and saw the horrible news of the death of Victor Leiva, a 24 year old artist and activist with the organization Caja Lúdica, known affectionately as “El Mono.”  To me Victor was an acquaintance, a familiar smiling face at human rights actions and festivals in Guatemala City, a friendly conversationalist over Gallo beer with limes and salt.  I know that to others in Guatemala as well as internationally, Victor was much much more, as the outpouring of grief and solidarity at his death proves.  It feels wrong to be so far today from my community that is hurting in Guatemala.  So it seems appropriate today to carry on the spirit of art and social change that Victor embodied by dedicating this zine to him and to all those whose lives he touched.  Click the image below to view or download the zine.

Cascadia Solidaria: Poems and Translations

The first run of printed copies will be an edition of 50; I plan to distribute them freely but if anyone wants a copy mailed to them it would be great to have help with the postage, and any donations received will be used to offset printing costs or donated to Caja Lúdica, the collective with which Victor worked.


About cascadiasolidaria

Human rights and solidarity activist from Cascadia, North America, writing about issues of justice and security in Guatemala and Central America from a perspective of solidarity with human rights and social movements.
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